A Composite future

Enabling sustainable composite material use across the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy Storage and Leisure sectors, creating circular economies of scale and value while reducing its embodied CO2 emissions by 87%
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About us

Phoenix Carbon’s mission Is to engender a sustainable and true circular use of all composite
types from Glass Fibre to Kevlar to Carbon Fibre.

Currently 85% of Composites waste going to landfill. This is unacceptable.
Only true circularity sustainable recycling can engender value and therefore adoption which can reduce waste and drive proliferation of recycled fibre into industries that need to use more but in a viable and sustainable manner.

Phoenix enables circular sustainability of composites across many verticals both industrial and consumer especially those that value light-weight materials but that must come with ESG credentials. unlocking extended uses and proliferating the use of:

Sports car wheel
Futuristic aircraft
Wind Turbine
Materials Storage
tennis racket
Sports/Consumer Leisure

We process Expired Pre-pregs, Production Scrap and End of Life materials bringing them
back into the manufacturing eco systems at maximum benefit values.

Our proprietary chemical process is currently 87% less CO2 intensive than Virgin fibre utilising state of the art chemical engineering and reactor design. Within the next 3 years we expect that differential to get to almost 98% reduction of CO2.

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Our launch focus

Our immediate launch focus is on Carbon Fibre and in particular our Re-lifedTM pre-preg weaves.

Our unique Carbon Fibre products have virgin equivalency not only in specification but also material state allowing manufacturers to quickly adopt them into their existing production lines and products implementing a sustainability programme for these materials with no compromise or constraint.

….and we do this while delivering significant cost reduction into the production supply chain creating more value flexibility. Our products have been extensively tested by 3 rd parties in the Automotive and Aerospace
industries to validate our specification equivalency.


Meet the founders

Rick Stuart portrait image

Rick Stuart


Serial entrepreneur and innovator with a strong track record of start-up development to subsequent acquisition, entrepreneurial vision, disruptive focus and strategic commercial delivery. Deep experience across Aerospace, including Hardware development and light weighting initiatives. Rick leads Phoenix’s commercial and strategic proposition, while overseeing day to day management processes.

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Luca Frondoni


Chartered Engineer with rich international, professional experience from Ferrari to Rolls Royce. Skilled with developing and optimizing manufacturing processes coupled with strong project execution skills. Luca currently leads tour R&D development team and process refinement driving our scale out journey.

Alex Edge portrait image

Alex Edge

VP Dev

Veteran of the composites industry and acknowledged expert in composite use and manufacturing techniques across Automotive and Aerospace including previous Carbon Fibre recycling businesses. Senior experience in Sales Forecasting, Solution Selling and
Account Development. Alex focuses on various feedstock channels, exploring manufacturing process development and secure early adoption customers and partners.


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